About Us


The Handmade Studio is a Charitable Trust established in 1983 for people with disabilities.

The Trust aims to provide a positive environment to assist members in perfecting their skills to gain independence and self esteem towards community participation. 

The Studio offers daily work and social interaction for its Artisan members.

The Trust raises the funds required to provide the premises, support staff, equipment, and materials.

Co-Operative Structure:

The Handmade Studio is a craft co-operative of proficient weavers of woollen materials made into garments and fashion accessories.

The members also produce a wide variety of items including soft toys, sheepskins covered coat hangers and handmade occasion cards.

All items are of the highest quality with 90% received from the sale of each item being returned to the maker.

The remaining 10% is shared equally between the co-operative members.


The Trust Board comprises members, their family or carers and friends of the studio.

The inclusion of these people ensures that our activities and direction are in line with the wishes and visions of everyone involved.

The Trust Employees Are Part time staff:


Pat Boyle


Toni Adams


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